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Brachialis lesion

Signs and Symptoms

Uncommon cause of anterior elbow pain.
Usually an overuse phenomenon.
It sometimes results from a direct contusion or an indirect passive and sudden elongation during (hyper)extesnion or luxation of the elbow.
In these cases it is usually combined to a traumatic arthritis.
Traumatic lesions of the brachialis muscle may lead to the development of myositis ossificans.


Full range of movement; sometimes with pain at the end of passive flexion (compression) and extension (elongation).
Pain on resisted flexion; resisted supination is painless.
The lesion is usually localised in the distal third of the muscle belly just dorsal to the bicipital tendon.


A diagnostic infiltration may prove necessary to localise the lesion.
Treatment is six to ten sessions of deep transverse friction.

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