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Deep Transverse Friction


Deep transverse massage is a very precise technique. It is only effective if it is applied

The following points are paramount:

  1. Position of the patient:
  1. position of the therapist
  1. position of hands and fingers
  1. amount of pressure

Over recent decades friction has been held in some disrepute in that it was perceived by some as synonymous with very painful treatment. Though it cannot be claimed as wholly pain-free, the pain should not be unbearable. When excessive pain is provoked, this is usually the result of a failure to understand the meaning of the term 'deep', which means 'as deep as needed to reach the lesion', Many therapists misinterpret this in such a way that they feel that they always have to work hard physically, which obviously leads to pain and may do more harm than good. The amount of pressure applied depends on several elements

  1. Duration and frequency

Friction is given with a rhythm of 60-100 to-and-fro movements per minute during ten to 20 minutes.

The interval between sessions is usually two to three days, depending of the persistance of the local tenderness.

There is usually improvement after four to six sessions. If not, the method is considered useless and abandoned.

If friction works, the patient should be treated until well or until no further improvement accrues.

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