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"The Elbow" Demo

4* Passive Supination

  • The examiner stands in front of the patient .
  • The elbow is bent to a right angle.
  • The examiner grasps the distal forearm just proximal to the wrist with both hands.
  • The heel of the ispi-lateral hand applies pressure at the dorsal aspect of the ulna.
  • The fingers of the other hand pull at the palmar aspect of the radius.
  • A simultaneous movement of both hands presses the wrist into full supination.
  • Normal range of movement: 80 to 90.

    Endfeel: elastic, capsular

    Structures that stop the normal movement:
  • Stretch on the interosseus membrane and the upper radio-ulnar joint.
  • Stretch on the pronator teres and the extensor carpi ulnaris muscles.
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