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"The Elbow" Demo History
The history of the elbow is relatively short and classically consists of eight questions.
Nevertheless this history needs to be expanded in case of atypical answers.

Localisation of the pain.

Pain at the elbow may be local or referred.

Lesions at the elbow will seldom refer pain down the forearm.
This may eventually be the case in a tenniselbow that gives rise to pain radiating down the arm as far as the hand, or in a biceps tendinitis where the pain may spread to the palmar aspect of the forearm.

Pain referred to the elbow from structures that lie higher up in the limb is more common.
The localisation of the pain indicates the segment in which the lesion lies (C5- C6 - or C7).

C-5 Dermatome

C-6 Dermatome

C-7 Dermatome

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