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Several resisted movements are positive

  • When examining the shoulder, pain and/or weakness with more than one resisted movement is not at all exceptional.
  • Weakness due to neurological lesions will usually affect more than one movement. C-5 Rootlesion , C 6 lesion, lesion of the Suprascapular nerve
  • Likewise, with serious cuff-lesions (extensive ruptures), both resisted lateral rotation and resisted abduction will usually be painful and weak.
  • However, pain (without weakness) with several resisted movements, as a rule only indicates a tendinitis in one or more of the rotatorcuff tendons. The fact that more tests may be painful can have several explanations:
  • 1. Anatomically, the insertions of the different cuff-tendons can not always be merely separated from each other..

    2. The muscles of the rotator cuff also insert in the fibrous capsule..

    3. The patient executes the resisted movements inaccurately

    4. The pain is caused by"transmitted stress"