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There is no 'learning curve' with this CD-rom: "The Shoulder: clinical examination, diagnosis and conservative treatment". You can browse it as easily as you browse this website.
There are many enterings to the CD - you can take a course - browse on keywords - open the clinical flow charts - or open the problem solving (both diagnostical and therapeutical)

  • However, the most important features of the CD are listed below . Click on an item to see a demo
  • History taking with attention to referred pain

  • History taking

  • Extended Functional examination, including preliminary examination and accessory examinations (not in the demo)

  • Basic functional examination

  • Basic Functional examination (overview)

  • Functional examination (scheme)

  • 28 videoclips of 'hands-on' training in clinical examination techniques for preliminary examination/ basic examination/ accessory examination (including instability tests)

  • Examination technique (videoclip)

  • Multiple charts on functional and applied anatomy

  • Functional anatomy

  • General principles: Clinical reasoning in Orthopaedic medicine; how to make a diagnosis

  • Interpretation

  • Flow charts on interpretation

  • Interpretation (flow chart)

  • Multiple highly informative flow charts on clinical reasoning and interpretation

  • Diagnostical flow charts

  • Highly informative illustrations of patholgy- one for each disorder

  • Pathology

  • Tables of Patterns (one for each diagnosis)

  • Patterns

  • Anatomical illustrations of disorders and landmarks to identify the lesion on the body

  • Landmarks

  • Palpation techniques - clinical demonstration via video vlips

  • Palpation (video clip)

  • Treatment with deep friction massage -'hands-on' illustrations of the techniques on video-clips

  • Friction technique (video clip)

  • Treatment with infiltration - 'hands-on' illustration of the techniques on video-clips

  • Infiltration technique (video clip)

  • The CD-rom further contains an extensive and well-elaborated 'help-desk' for diagnostical problems

  • Help diagnosis

  • The CD-rom contains extensive and well-elaborated help functions in solving therapeutical problems

  • Help Treatment

  • Extensive discussion of shoulder instability with all the instability tests on video-clips and conservative treatment techniques (functional and proprioceptive training) on video-clips (+/- 15)

  • Shoulder instability

  • Lesions of the Shoulder Girdle with clinical examination (video clips), diagnosis and treatment with infiltrations and deep transverse massage of the most important inert and contractile lesions of the shoulder girdle; all techniques are demonstrated on highly informative video-clips.

  • Shoulder Girdle

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