The Shoulder

Clinical Examination . Diagnosis . Conservative Treatment

Dr. L. Ombregt

Clinical lessons in diagnosis and treatment of shoulder lesions.

There is no 'learning curve' with this CD-rom.
Within seconds you will confidently crossing the clinical lessons in examination and treatment of shoulder lesions.
During these lessons, the history, the clinical examination, the interpretation and the conservative treatment are discussed step by step.
Ample attention is given to the general principles and to the development of the clinical interpretation.
You can decide on the rythm and duration. You can also interrupt the lesson at any moment to recall certain fragments or to surf forward to other pages for more explanation or background information.
Each lesion is represented by an anatomical drawing and a pattern . Attention is given to the differential diagnosis - with description of additional tests , and possible difficulties and diagnostic pitfalls
Abstracts from the literature support the clinical findings
The local treatment of each lesion is discussed and the techniques are shown on videoclips
By using specific animation techniques, the latter are real detailed guides that show exactly how and where to palpate, infiltrate or give massage.
The "Help" buttons are very important in diagnostic as well as in therapeutic difficulties

Technical Properties
This CD rom is +/- 445 MB and contains:

  • 520 textfiles ;
  • Hunderds of slides (pathological, anatomical, and landmarks in vivo) and
  • Tables and Flow Charts
  • Abstracts of the relevant literature.
  • +/80 videoclips ( examination, treatment - palpation, infiltration , massage)