Subscapularis tendinitis

Palpation of the teno-periosteal junction of the subscapularis

The insertion is on the lesser tuberosity, just medial to the long head of the biceps.
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The long head of the biceps and the lesser tuberosity can easily be palpated.

The biceps is located right under the groove between the middle portion (pars acromialis) and the anterior portion (pars clavicularis) of the deltoid. This groove can be made visible if the patient is asked to abduct the arm against resistance.

The palpating thumb is placed flat on the groove, the arm is brought in a neutral position along the body, the elbow flexed to 90. By executing small rotatory movements of the arm, the sharp (lateral) border of the lesser tuberosity can be felt cathing against the thumb.

The subscapularis tendon itself is difficult to palpate as it is partly covered by the anterior portion of the deltoid muscle.
It has a
broad insertion of 3 to 4 cm.


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