Subscapularis tendinitis


·  Treatment of choice

·  Attention in athletes.

·  A maximum of three infiltrations. An interval of two weeks between two consecutive infiltrations is required.


·  Local infiltration with 10 mg triamcinolone

·  A thin needle, 2.5 cm long and fitted to a 1ml syringe, filled with Triamcinoloneacetonide 10 mg/ml


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Palpation of the tendon

The palpating thumb remains on the bicipital groove.

The needle is inserted in the middle of the affected part (proximal or distal depending on the localising sings), just lateral of the palpating thumb, and directed towards the bone.

The tendon is only a few mm. thick so the bone is reached immediately after tendinous resistance is felt.

The infiltration is done at bony contact, along a line over about 1.5 cm so as to include the whole lesion.

Follow up:


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