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Full range of passive movements / resisted movements negative (No hotspots activated !!! )

The resisted movements from the basic functional examination are negative (painless and strong).
The passive movements are full range and the endfeel is normal.
However,the passive movements are painful at the end of range and/or there is a painful arc (1).
Or the passive movements are completely painless but there exists a remarkable discrepancy between the active and the passive elevation (2).

1 Inert structures characterised by pain at the end of passive range and /or a painful arc

1. Chronic AC - strain

2. Chronic Subdeltoid Bursitis

2 Neurological lesions characterised by a limitation of the active elevation and a full and painless passive elevation

1. Lesion of the Long Thoracic Nerve

2. Lesion of the Accessory Nerve

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