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The I.A. injections give insufficient- or no result

If the therapeutic conditions are being met, then about 95% of the monoarticular, traumatic and immobilisation arthrites react well to a treatment with I. A. injections.

After the first injection, there is almost immediately a disappearance of the nocturnal pain and the spontaneous pain at rest.

As a rule, also the spastic endfeel disappears after the first injection.

Usually, after the second or third injection, a noticeable and spontaneous improvement of the range of movement arises.

By the end of the treatment, there is full range no pain. Sometimes, after the treatment, a very minor limitation of the elevation may persist. This usually has no functional consequences.

  • Correct diagnosis? Check if a capsular pattern is indeed present
  • Correct Indications ?
  • Correct Technique ?
  • No-reaction to triamcinolone
  • Correct Technique ?
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