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Intra-articular Injections

Sequence and follow-up

A successful treatment with I.A. injections of triamcinolone-acetonide depends on a correct timing of the sessions.
The idea is to keep the capsule continously under anti-inflammatory influence till the inflammation has almost fully disappeared. Therefore the next injection must be given just before the effect of the previous one has worn off.

This means that the injections are given at increasing intervals: in the beginning of the treatment the interval between two consecutive injections will be one week, by the end of the treatment it is six weeks.

Classical scheme:

This scheme can be adapted, depending on the degree of inflammation and the sort of arthritis that is treated: for instance. two weeks interval between the second and the third injection and 6 weeks between the fourth and the fifth injection if signs and symptoms are moderate and the case responds swiftly to the treatment.

The range of movement begins to increase after the third or fourth injection. Once the endfeel is soft and there is no relapse six weeks after the previous injection, treatment can be stopped .

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