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"The Shoulder" Demo

6* Passive medial rotation


  • Elbow at a right angle
  • Elbow and upper arm against the trunk
  • Trunk and contralateral shoulder fixed
  • Take hold of the distal forearm
  • The arm is brought gently into full medial rotation until the endfeel is reached.
  • Normal endfeel: ligamentous


  • Make sure not to extend the shoulder during the movement. The elbow should therefore be well immobilized so the movement is performed around a vertical axis.
  • Make sure to immobilize the contralateral shoulder in order to avoid movements of trunk and shoulder girdle.
  • Normal Range: 90 / or until the arm comes in line with the spine of the scapula.

    Structures that stop the movement:

  • Posterior portion of the capsule
  • Lateral rotators of the shoulder
  • Contact between the minor tubercle and the anterior portion of the glenoid labrum.
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