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Lesion of the Deltoid

Clinical presentation

The deltoid is very seldom at fault. A lesion in the muscle belly may sometimes occur as the result of a direct injury.

On the other hand, shoulder pain originitating from deeper localised structures (capsule, rotator cuff and bursa) are usually felt in the deltoid area, as the result of the phenomenon of referred pain .
However, a properly conducted clinical examination will quickly lead to the precise identification of the lesion.

If any doubt still exists after the execution of the basic clinical examination two accessory tests can be used to detect a deltoid lesion:

  • The anterior portion of the muscle is tested by a resisted horizontal adduction of the shoulder
  • The posterior portion of the deltoid can be examined through a resisted extension of the shoulder.
  • Treatment

    A lesion of the muscle belly of the deltoid responds equally well to deep transverse friction or to infiltration.
    The friction is given on alternate days until full cure.
    The infiltration is with 20-30 ml of procaine 0.5% once a week for about three weeks.

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