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C-6 Nerve root lesion


1 Disc lesion: Posterolateral protrusion : This is a common cause. A disco-radicular compression may cause weakness of the biceps and the extensors of the wrist.

2 An osteophytic palsy of the C6 root may be caused by encroachment on the fifth intervertebral foramen and results in a progressive but painless weakness of the C6 muscles.

Clinical Presentation

The pain is felt at the antero-lateral aspect of the arm , the volar aspect of the forearm and the radial and dorsal side of the hand as far as the thumb and the index finger.
Pins and needles are commonly felt in the thumb and index finger.

Resisted flexion of the elbow is weak ( biceps and brachialis).

Also the resisted dorsiflexion of the wrist is weak (extensores carpi radiales).


Depending on cause and severity of the lesion

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