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Rupture of the long head of the biceps.

A rupture of the biceps is a common pathology (incidence +/- 8%; patients are usually more than 50 years old)

Tears of the long biceps tendon classically occur in the a-vascular zone of the intracapsular part of the tendon.
It results from a progressive degeneration, often in conjuction with subacromial impingement.

In the great majority of older patients little pain or disability results from this lesion . Sometimes a snap is felt followed by some ecchymosis in the arm a few days later. There will also be some loss of the elbow power ( up to 20% of the flexion power and about 10% of the supination power).

Repair is usually not recommended for non-athletes, but may be needed to restore elbow flexion and supination to competive athletes.

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