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Capsular Pattern


In arthritis of the shoulder, three stages can be considered. They have a direct relationship to the degree of capsular irritation (severity of the arthritis).
The staging is done on four criteria:

Remark: A clear distinction must be made between the degree of limitation of range and the stage. Limitation of movement and stage do not always fit. It is possible to find a pronounced degree of limited range in stage I or a subtle degree of limitation in stage III. It should therefore be emphasized that the degree of inflammation (staging) is only done on the four clinical criteria.

Stage I :Minor degree of inflammation:

No pain below the elbow No nocturnal pain Normal end-feel No pain at rest

Stage II :Moderate degree of irritation: Intermediate Stage

Stadium III :Severe irritation

Pain below the elbow Nocturnal pain Spastic endfeel Pain at rest
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